Bringing Scientific Value and Growth

Vittarthaa works with companies in early stages of Drug Discovery / Product Development Research. We integrate Discovery projects combining a variety of strategies from screening processes, lead optimization-ADME, safety and efficacy both In-vitro and In-vivo.

Our alliance is in the business of providing solutions to pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutraceutical companies by providing a wide range of scientific and technology platform for driving the programs from research through development up to commercialization both  efficiently and economically.

Vittarthaa is based in Bangalore providing fully integrated Drug Discovery infrastructure from lead Generation to Pre-clinical development. Focused on metabolic disorders, Pain & inflammation, CNS, anti-microbials, oncology and rare diseases. Vittarthaa supports Discovery and Development platform for both small molecule and peptide drug candidates. Vittarthaa is continuously investing on recent technology platforms, people resources and infrastructure to provide most appropriate solutions. The fundamental scientific approach is to protect Intellectual Property, Easy Traceability, Repeatability and Quality. Client requirements is Vittarthaa’s priority.