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contact@vittarthaa.com    |    Mobile: +91 96866 23006   |    Corp office: +91 80 35893150 / 35893151,
R&D and Mfg facility: +91 80 48527566
Vittarthaa Life Sciences was incorporated in 2016. Vittarthaa’s main objective is to Discover and Develop new therapeutics, products in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Nutraceuticals. Vittarthaa’s core strength lies in identifying unmet clinical needs and developing newer drugs/products starting from hit-to-lead generation and optimization using various in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo assay platforms. All research programs are based on an integrated approach towards target-based discovery strategies and phenotypic screening for an endpoint evaluation, focused on innovative Discovery and Development approach for progressing molecules into the market.

With our work experience in diverse scientific and technical approaches on various scientific platforms and programs, this puts us in a unique position to address medical needs and development of the compounds. Our integrated discovery platforms are scientifically efficient which can be easily repeatable, traceable, and quality oriented.

Traceability and retrievability are the key value drivers. Our discovery program devises multi-parametric, target based phenotypic panel assay screening efficacy and de-risk toxicity at early stages that enable to create program objectives, target product profiles, and outline milestones for Go/No-Go decisions.

Vittarthaa’s Research and Development team provides Drug Development technology platforms that can drive product development and deliver successful candidates. Standalone research services are offered in ADME, DMPK, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Pharmaceutical Formulation Development. This is achieved by delivering real change and forging relationships based on trust, understanding, and accountability in our results.


  •  Vittarthaa maintains a database of 1,500 drugs from which ADE/PDE/OEL/OEB classifications are derived, which are updated continuously based on the most recent toxicological data available, in order to reduce the time significantly.

  •  We have successfully prepared and submitted more than 50 Genotoxicity assessment/ Impurity profiling documents to various regulatory bodies.
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