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Environmental Risk Assessment


In the real-world situation, there is an increased attention now being given to environmental contaminant assessments and its management programs. Environmental Risk Assessment is a process that evaluates the probability of adverse ecological impact that occur or will have occurred because of exposure to various stressors from various industrial activities. We evaluate chemical, physical, or biological in nature with the major portion of current interest related to the use and/or current or previous disposal of industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals (Chemicals & Biologicals) or pesticides. Both human health risk assessment and Environmental Risk Assessment at Vittarthaa is accomplished using several approaches; addressing actual or perceived risks using a descriptive or qualitative approach based on experimental evidence or derived results, calculation of a relative risk index based on information on several selected factors, comparisons of the perceived risks of the alternatives being evaluated and quantitative, probabilistic approach focused on actual risks of the alternatives being evaluated. Vittarthaa toxicologists, assess pharmaceuticals based on EMEA and OECD guidelines that are easy to be used in eCTD. Assessment for Endocrine Active substances with Persistent, Bioaccumulate and Toxicity classification are performed for easy Labelling and Risk mitigation action.