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Monoclonal Antibodies


Since its inception, Vittarthaa has been actively working on developing biologics for diagnosis. We have core capabilities for developing and delivering specific monoclonal antibodies. Vittarthaa has developed onco-diagnostic markers that have suitably been tested for research use and clinical diagnosis. Vittarthaa currently has 35 monoclonal antibodies that are approved for clinical trials by the DCGI. These antibodies are ready for research use only. To ensure the future success of these antibodies, our team has continued working hard and investing for marketing approval. Vittarthaa has been accredited by ISO: 13485 and procured a test license for the clinical trial by the DCGI. We also have an in-house Discovery & Development program to continuously strengthen capabilities, invest in emerging and cutting-edge technologies. Today, we have technology platforms covering several core areas, which are essential in driving innovation across disease diagnosis. We are in the process to hone these technology designs and engineer proteins that can create therapeutic values for specific life-saving treatments for various diseases.