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Life at Vittarthaa


Sowmya Gunasekaran

I feel grateful to work with a growing company like Vittarthaa. I always had an opportunity to explore and various fields of science which helped me in in-depth understanding of science and expand my knowledge to achieve professional and personal growth. Vittarthaa is a great place for young and creative minds where confidence is fostered with holistic work environment.

Dr. Rupashree A S

Association with Vittarthaa Life Sciences has been an interesting & exciting journey with friendly environment, abundant opportunities to venture into new arena, constant support to excel, encouragement for creative/innovative ideas. Looking forward for many fruitful years of association.

Drishya Mohan

I have been working with Vittarthaa Life Sciences for the past 2.5 years and continuing as a Research Scientist. Vittarthaa seemed to me as an encouraging platform because it had a clear aim to prove rather than something to come out from nothing. Vittarthaa will be an inspiration in its way to explore and excel career life to the fullest. In fact, it is a company where women are more prioritized for an equal opportunity and uphold the people with illiteracy.

Priti Sinha

The work environment that Vittarthaa provides, motivates us to investigate the small details of each aspect of our lives. Multitasking here brings about hidden potentials in an individual to cope up with numerous real-time issues. Independent learning is the triggering aspect of expanding and exploring knowledge in my work at Vittarthaa.

Navya Sundar Raj

Vittarthaa extended its arms and gave me an opportunity to explore science in depth. This is my first experience. I am trying to make best out of it though. In each footstep I have taken here, science taught me life lessons too. What I loved here is the freedom we have got from being blind to scratching our mind and finally finding answers. I was nowhere. Vittarthaa led me now here.