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Founders & Promoters
Vittarthaa was founded in 2016, by Mrs. Suvarna Moolemath & Dr. Yogananda Moolemath. The main objective was to develop safe & potent therapeutics (small molecules & biologicals) for treatment of various disease and supplementing with standardized functional food products. The founder VISION was also to empower WOMEN and provide equal opportunity in Research & Development in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. The organization in its long-term goals plans is to expand into the fields in modern Life Sciences and advanced Engineering to provide Intelligent Solutions to Environment sustainability, Plant & Animal health.


Mrs. Suvarna M


Computer Science graduate with 15 years of experience in Indo-Swiss Development program. First venture started leading a team of software engineers for data management and website and graphic design company for Pharma and consumer corporate sectors. Had short term training in corporate Business Administration and management at IIM, Bangalore. “Vittarthaa Technologies” was registered form Vittarthaa Life Sciences and taken up the responsibility as MD & CEO at Vittarthaa Life Sciences since its inception.

Dr. Yogananda Moolemath


PhD in Toxicology with more than 25 years of experience in Drug Discovery and Development. Has been actively involved in Drug Discovery program at Connexios Life Sciences. Has developed several nutraceutical formulations that are in market. Has Academic Research affiliation at St. John’s Research Institute and medical college, Bangalore as Adjunct Associate Professor in Molecular Medicine. Co-founded Vittarthaa and taken up the responsibility as CSO at Vittarthaa Life Sciences.