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Strengthening women and social communities’

Vittarthaa recognizes Gender equality and women empowerment as a key role in Development. “Women play an important role in the family and the society”, her contributions need a larger recognition with equal opportunity at work. Vittarthaa has been promoted by Mrs. Suvarna Moolemath, encourage many young educated formally & informally women to be employed. At Vittarthaa when hired, we begin the training process to develop confidence and guide through decision-making to effectively perform the daily business activities. This provides every employee to Demonstrate Leadership Commitment in all Life Activities. Also, Vittarthaa provides sufficient personal space in their daily routine to create a well-defined work-life balance. We seek to strengthen our connection to local communities with innovative, sustainable projects and partnerships that add value while respecting local customs and needs. India being one of the largest complex multicultural societies, with a vast amount of traditional knowledge in nature, Vittarthaa supports orienting this into modern useable resources for mankind and the environment. Currently, we have more than 90% women workforce in various disciplines and facilities.

Investing in education and humanitarian cause’

At Vittarthaa we believe life is a ‘complete system’ and has its own ways to find remedies for all problems without much intervention. These have been explained since Vedic period with rich traditional knowledge. With the advancement in science and technology, education and society have almost eliminated creative thinking, lost individuality, not knowing the truth, and have lost touch with nature. At Vittarthaa, we cultivate and foster an intensive, interactive program with a contemporary understanding of nature and its laws by means of providing opportunity to work on real-world problems. These are research fellowship and Post-Doc Fellow programs for highly passionate students. This is an opportunity for students to be innovative, express, excel and contribute towards the healthcare of all living beings with a sustainable environment. Young minds and experienced passionate minds are encouraged to apply for independent research activities and innovation programs. We encourage both, informally and formally educated students to apply for these positions.