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Experimental Preclinical Biology


Pharmacology and Toxicology (molecular & phenotypic endpoints) – Mechanism of Action (MOA) and Weight of Evidence (WOE): in-silico, in-vitro, in-vivo, ex-vivo experiments, and Clinical trials (Human & Veterinary).

Vittarthaa’s scientific and technical team have the expertise to perform various experimental procedures for Assay Development for both in-vitro, ex-vivo & in-vivo for Drug and New Product Discovery programs. Our teams are experienced in conducting a wide variety of procedures involving complex technical skills to achieve project objectives successfully with respect to the delivery of repeatable, quality data and on-time performance. We have robust, efficient processes and quality systems in place for handling a variety of samples and on-time delivery of reports. Exploratory studies for Target-validation/Pharmacology/ADME/DMPK/Toxicology studies are conducted using advanced technological platforms in various combinations. The goal of our approach is to detect new indications or safety concerns early by fully characterizing on-target and off-target effects according to Mechanism of Action and Weight of Evidence. All early Discovery and Development programs are conducted considering the 4Rs (Reduce, Refine, Replace and Rehabilitate). We use suitable research models that are most appropriate to study the MOA & WOE.