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Occupational hazard Identification and Banding


Vittarthaa works with experienced occupational Toxicology Professionals. Vittarthaa has been providing an estimation of OEL value and Banding (OEB) for various manufacturing facilities globally. At Vittarthaa, all toxicological information from chemistry, pre-clinical and clinical are sourced from traceable databases after a thorough review of the available data, toxicological Point of Departure (PoD) based on numerous factors such as relevance to human occupational exposure, etc. The OEL calculation has been in accordance with various regulatory agency requirements, such as OSHA, NIOSH, JSOH, and ECHA. Vittarthaa Toxicologists have prepared and delivered several reports and monographs for oral, parenteral, inhalation, topical (dermal, subcutaneous), and some of the uncommon routes, like, ophthalmic and otic which have undergone strict scrutiny during GMP inspections and critical evaluations.