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Code of Conduct


Vittarthaa is an emerging small Pharma Discovery & Development company envisioned to innovate, produce the right necessary healthcare solutions for all living beings and their environment. Our business model is to utilize the advances in science with modern technology to make products in its most sustainable form. Our products are designed to create awareness and improvise one’s own health without creating dependency on too many unnecessary interventions to sustain life.

We primarily support programs that will benefit Humanitarian and social cause that have long-term impact and benefits. Empowering young minds and especially women has been our key focus to provide equal opportunity to all where his or her opinion are expressed freely to create an attractive workplace. Vittarthaa's Code of Conduct gives all employees a guidance and reference to what is the employer’s expectation and their commitment towards making a valuable and sustainable impact on society.

I, as the promoter of Vittarthaa expect you to implement the Code of Conduct in your daily business activities to support the internal, external stakeholders and the environment. Vittarthaa’s Code of Conduct is simple, written in points for a quick reading. A detailed version is available in the HR Dept. as Employee’s Handbook.

Thanks for your kind co-operation & support.
Suvarna Moolemath,
Founder & Chairman.